BI Dashboard Through Smartview & TIBCO Spotfire

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Publication Date: 12/01/2018
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The vendor’s team was brought in to develop a 7-page dashboard of 24 KPIs, including a red/green scheme to indicate favorable/unfavorable performance results. The president of the company had requested the development of a highly customized dashboard for his office. The client set a deadline for 2.5 months.

After the first month, the vendor communicated that only 1 of 7 pages would be completed within the anticipated project timeline. The client’s Senior Director of IT removed the vendor team and recruited the Paradigm SES team to take over leadership of the project.The Paradigm SES team was brought in to assist the vendor with the design and implementation of the dashboard.


A Fortune 500 industry leader and ongoing client.


The client’s organizational structure was comprised of 6 key business pillars: HR, profitability and cost, finance, health safety and environment, sales and marketing, and operations. Each of these functions managed its own data sources independently.

The Challenges

  • Give select stakeholders the ability to view and analyze 24 KPIs in one location
  • Develop a customized dashboard for the president of the company
The sales and marketing pillar, along with profitability and cost, had begun utilizing a TIBCO Spotfire dashboard to consolidate and communicate important KPIs daily. However, the other functions were still relying on monthly and quarterly reporting to support decision making, and the C-level executive team did not have a consolidated source of business-critical metrics.

A critical step in the success of this project was the mapping of data from the 6 individual business pillars into a consolidated source with 100% accuracy. With only 1.5 months left before the project deadline, the Paradigm SES quickly went to work.


Software Solutions used in this project include:

  • Smartview
  • TIBCO Spotfire
Building from previous data clean-up work with this client, they consulted with senior management and subject matter experts representing each pillar to extract data from each source and map it to the new dashboard design.


The Paradigm SES team successfully delivered this project in 1.5 months while producing savings against the original vendor’s budget. A dashboard was launched for more than 120 users, and a customized dashboard was designed specifically for the president of the company.

Users were able to drill down into “red” KPIs to understand where immediate response was required. Data refreshed every 2-3 seconds, providing users a real-time look at performance.

Users responsible for creating a flash budget were able to take advantage of the KPI data and identify where action was needed across the company.

As the client moved forward to model this dashboard approach in other geographies, including the Middle East and Africa, the Paradigm SES team was hired to lead in-country training and share best practices and strategies for dashboard development.


“There is critical data, and there is noise. Part of our work with the Paradigm SES team has been an effort to arrive at the most critical data for decision making and to make it available to contributors in our organization who can utilize it to create value. The Paradigm SES team has given us that visibility—visibility to the right information at the right time. This is a priceless advancement toward the future success of our company.” ~Senior Director, Energy Company

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